Le Rigi-Workshop a été mis en place par la plate-forme de biologie pour promouvoir l'échange interdisciplinaire entre les jeunes scientifiques. Le thème de ce workshop de trois jours change chaque année, mais il se doit d'être interdisciplinaire, en incluant la biologie. Un maximum de 40 doctorant(e)s et post-doctorant(e)s de toute la Suisse peuvent y participer. La plate-forme de biologie organise les Rigi workshops en collaboration avec des chercheurs actifs, qui ont soumis un sujet approprié et appliqué.

Aussicht Hotel Rigi Kulm


Rigi-Kulm Hotel.


end of January, generally.


The workshop is open to PhD students from all Swiss Institutions of Higher Learning. Postdoctoral applications are also considered. Student participation will be competitive. Selection from the pool of applicants will ensure that active, motivated students from different disciplines and institutions attend.


A registration fee of CHF 150.- is due after acceptance of your registration.

Services included:

• All lectures and workshops with documentations.
• All meals, coffee breaks and mineral water between arrival and departure (all other beverages at your own expense).
• Overnight stay the 2 nights during the workshop in a double room. Please add a comment if you wish to share the room with a specific person.

Please fill in the form found on the webpage to register to the Rigi Workshop.(www.naturwissenschaften.ch/organisations/bio/events/rigi_workshop)
• Your registration is valid only, if you submit an abstract of your current research project (title and a maximum of 300 words in a Word document) and a letter of motivation to biologie@scnat.ch before the end of November. The letter of motivation should briefly explain why the interdisciplinary theme of the Rigi Workshop.
• For the poster session you will have to bring a poster of your research project (standard size DIN A0) to the workshop. You will be asked to give a presentation on your project in less than 3 minutes on a maximum of 3 ppt-slides.
• At the end of the workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance, which allows you to request one ECTS-credit of your university.
Registrations will be accepted based on the quality of submitted abstracts and motivation letters.

For further information: biologie@scnat.ch


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