The Swiss Geological Commission (Schweizerische Geologische Kommission (SGK)) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is responsible for the quality assurance of the Geological Atlas of Switzerland at the scale of 1:25'000, and for other publications concerning the national geology. For this aim, the commission is working in close collaboration with swisstopo.

The Swiss Geological Commission is composed of geologists coming from universities and from practice. For the quality assurance of the Geological Atlas, the SGK assigns experts from practice, museums, cantonal administrations and universities. The SELECT_ion of these experts depends on specific geological and local conditions. Each page of the Atlas is evaluated by, at least, three experts. In addition, the commission supports the production and the planning of new publications. The commission guarantees a link between the Swiss Confederation and the universities and provides swisstopo with the network of experts from the SCNAT.

Year founded: 1865