The Swiss Geophysical Commission’s (Schweizerische Geophysikalische Kommission (SGPK)) main function is to secure and to coordinate the geophysical surveying of Switzerland. Together with the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo and various research institutions the geophysical data is collected, analysed, compiled, evaluated and then published in map series.

The geophysical parameters apply, among others, to the gravitation field, temperature field and magnetic field as well as the seismicity of the earth. The corresponding data is primarily compiled within the framework of research activities by various institutions of the university. The SGPK concerns itself with the collection, assessment and analysis of the data as well as with the actualisation of the maps and GIS-database. Furthermore, it coordinates major joint projects of national interest. The geophysical expertise of the SGPK is provided, when required, as an advisory capacity to correspondent federal offices. The commission consists of 10 to 20 geoscientists and engineers, who are involved in the academic, commercial or public domain.

Year founded: 1972