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7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2009 in Neuchâtel

Nexans Prize award ceremony at SGM 2009 in Neuchâtel
Nexans Prize award ceremony at SGM 2009 in Neuchâtel

The 7th edition of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting focused on the contribution and the importance of water in geosciences as well as on the latest advances in research in hydrology and hydrogeology. It was held 20th to 21st November 2009 in Neuchâtel.

The Center for Hydrogeology of the University of Neuchâtel -Chyn- and the Platform Geosciences of the Swiss Academy of Sciences -SCNAT- cordially welcomed the 511 participants in the 7th Swiss Geosciences Meeting held in Neuchâtel.

On Friday 20th, keynote presentations focused on that year's theme "Water Across Boundaries". Three distinguished scientists:

  • Janet Hering, Head of EAWAG,
  • Gordon Young, President IAHS and
  • Steven Ingebritsen, USGS,

focused their presentations on overcoming scientific boundaries in order to address future challenges in water sciences. Subsequently, addressing political boundaries, Robert Cramer, Conseillé d’Etat de Genève, elaborated on different aspects of the relation between water and society.

The plenary session closed with a special ceremony where the prestigious Nexans price was awarded in presence of Martine Rahier the Rectrice of the University of Neuchâtel.

On Saturday 21st
About 128 talks were given and 154 posters were presented in 12 scientific symposia that focused on diverse domains of geoscience research encompassing the hydrosphere, the lithosphere, the cryosphere and the atmosphere without neglecting to also address the interaction between the different geoscience domains. In parallel, a special session lasting the whole day will deal with the theme of this years meeting, interconnecting atmosphere-glaciers-snow-surface and soil in all possible combinations across the boundaries, including biotic processes and water management.

The SGM offers the ideal environment to also foster informal contacts and discussion between scientists: Such opportunities occur at the Swiss Geoscience Party on Friday evening, or during the poster session on Saturday. Special time slots are allocated to two poster sessions, at which the authors will be present.