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Hydrogen and synthetic fuels

In order to achieve carbon-neutrality, European energy experts call upon EU policymaking to stop subsidising fossil fuels as well as to promote the production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels with massively increased renewable electricity.

EASAC Commentary "Hydrogen and synthetic fuels"
Immagine: EASAC

Hydrogen and synthetics fuels are important alternatives to help reduce dependency on fossil fuels. This will, however, only benefit our climate if they are not produced by fossil fuels. It is therefore imperative to remove direct and indirect subsidies, taxes, levies and other incentives for the production of fossil fuels, and to increase carbon pricing. In parallel, the generation of much more renewable electricity is necessary for the production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels to meet the fast growing demand for them. Additionally, imports of certified renewable energy from third countries should be strengthened.

These are the main message from a new publication of EASAC, the European Academies Science Advisory Council, whose work the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences support with scientific expertise.

Edizione / Volume: Commentary
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