The “International Seismological Centre” (ISC) represents an international data center, where arrival times of earthquakes are collected and made accessible on a global scale. The “National Committee of the International Seismological Centre” (NC ISC) comprises researchers working at the Swiss seismological service, located at ETH Zürich SED. While members collaborate with ISC on a daily basis, they also represent Switzerland as an institution in the framework of ISC.

Alongside 130 agencies worldwide emitting data to ISC, SED transmits information previously collected from the Swiss seismological measuring network. Furthermore, it localizes seismological events, focusing on regional and local earthquakes. Apart from its representational function within ISC, NC ISC maintains close contact with ICS representatives amongst other European seismological organizations (i.e. ORFEUS or EMSC) working in collaboration with ISC.

NC ISC is a working group within the Platform Geosciences.

Year founded: 1980