Human Spaceflight - Where are we going?

A Game Changers Seminars talk held by Claude Nicollier and presented by the International Space Science Institute



The Game Changers Seminars series presents ideas and findings about the solar system, the universe and our terrestrial environment

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The International Space Science Institute started its first online Seminar series last summer 2020. While ISSI’s mission is to provide the international Space Science Community with a forum for meeting and discussion in an informal and productive atmosphere here in Bern and document the result in the literature, the Corona crisis has accelerated earlier plans for online tools that may supplement our core in person meeting program. ISSI hopes that this series will help to bridge the Corona gap in scientific communication and may be continued even after the crisis will be over.

Zoom Link for the talk.
Meeting ID: 852 6990 9362, Passwort: 459004

Detailled information about Claude Nicolliers talk will be uploaded on the ISSI's website in due time.

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Content: medium

Interactivity: passive

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Languages: English
Weather dependent? No
Does it cost anything? No